Saturday, 25 February 2012

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Johnny Blaze, still struggling with the curse of being the Ghost Rider, is hiding out in a remote part of Eastern Europe when a secret sect of the church asks him to save a boy from the devil. At first Johnny is reluctant to use his power, but it's the only way to save the boy and possibly rid himself of this curse forever.


  • Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze/Ghost Rider
  • Johnny Whitworth as Ray Carrigan/Blackout, the antagonist who, at the beginning, is human. He is turned into Blackout by the Devil to complete his job. This transformation gives him the fortitude and supernatural abilities to compete with Ghost Rider.
  • Fergus Riordan as Danny, a young child caught up in a demonic conspiracy who ends up in the care of Johnny Blaze during his travels.
  • Ciarán Hinds as The Devil/Roarke, a being trying to take over the body of his son on the boy's birthday.
  • Violante Placido as Nadya
  • Idris Elba as Moreau
Anthony Head as Benidict, a monk at a castle where Nadya and Danny are hiding at the start of the film. Jacek Koman as a villainous character named Terrokov. Vincent Regan as Toma Nikasevic. Spencer Wilding as Grannik.


I saw this movie yesterday in the cinema and I think it's awesome. Totally recommended!

Monday, 9 January 2012

Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

Paul Biegler (James Stewart) is a san diego criminal attorney of province who has not been reelected for the district attorney's post, and now one dedicates more to the fishing together with his friend Parnell Emmett McCarthy (Arthur O'Connell), that to his attorney's office. Nevertheless, it takes charge of the defense of a lieutenant of the military local base, Frederick Manion (Ben Gazzara), to order of his wife, Laura Manion (Lee Remick). The lieutenant is accused of homicide of the owner of a bar, who has violated Laura. Everything puts on Paul Biegler in against, so that he will need from all his intelligence and imagination to take it to good term.

This movie is an emblem in the cinema about laws and justice. It has gained several prizes, such as Academy Awards, Golden Globe, and from different magazines of the USA. Without doubts, it is a movie that must be watched for all attorneys and persons that are interested in these topics. It's a Classic.


See ya!

Saturday, 24 December 2011

The Devil's Advocate (1997)

The Devil's Advocate is an american horror film directed by Taylor Hackford.starring Keanu ReevesAl Pacino and Charlize Theron, and based on a novel by Andrew Neiderman.
Kevin Lomax, a young and succesful Lawyer who works as accident car florida lawyer, is defending a case of child molestation in Florida and later another as a new york personal injury lawyer. He has never lost a case, and this one is another win for him. During his celebration, he is approached by Milton, the CEO of an important law firm, who offers a large sum of money to help the firm with a jury selection. Recognising Kevin's skills, Milton offers him an important salary and an apartment if he decides to join that big law firm. 

In his new job, he becomes the defense of many different people, for example: orlando criminal attorney, a case of adverse remortgage, he works as a criminal defense attorney los angeles while he has to make difficult decisions between good and evil, to continue with his great career and also taking care of his family.

The film's title is a reference to the common phrase "devil's advocate", and Pacino's character is named after the author of Paradise LostJohn Milton. The movie has some minor allusions to Milton's epic, such as the famous quotation "Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven".

Great movie, the plot is awesome, that's one of the movies in which you can move away from the TV. Totally recommended to think about what is really important in our lives after all.

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Saturday, 10 December 2011

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 (2011)

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, commonly referred to as Breaking Dawn, is a 2011/2012 two-part romantic fantasy film directed by Bill Condon and based on the novel Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. The two parts form the fourth and final installment in theThe Twilight Saga series. All three main cast members, Kristen StewartRobert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner, reprise their roles. 


The last part of this story, recommended for those who love romantic films (specially women)
See ya

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Social Network (2010)

On a fall night in 2003, Harvard University undergrad and computer programming genius Mark Zuckerberg sits down at his computer and heatedly begins working on a new idea. In a fury of blogging and programming, what begins in his dorm room soon becomes a global social network and a revolution in communication. A mere six years and 500 million friends later, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history... but for this entrepreneur, success leads to both personal and legal complications. Education and intelligence became power. Written by Columbia Pictures
Review by NY Times:


Great movie, for those who love programming and want to learn about Internet, blogs, networks. Remember that you don't have to go to University to learn those stuff, you can download a pdf or go to forums... you'll improve your skills only if you want.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Happy Feet Two (2011)

Mumble's son, Erik, is struggling to realize his talents in the Emperor Penguin world. Meanwhile, Mumble and his family and friends discover a new threat their home - one that will take everyone working together to save them.


Totally Recommended! The second part of this great story...

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999)

Pirates of Silicon Valley is a 1999 film based on the book Fire in the Valley: The Making of The Personal Computer by Paul Freiberger and Michael Swaine. It is a made-for-television docudrama written and directed by Martyn Burke which documents the rise of the home computer (personal computer) through the rivalry between Apple Computer and Microsoft. The film stars Anthony Michael Hall as Bill Gates and Noah Wyle as Steve Jobs.


Sharing this movie to remember Steve Jobs, who left days ago, but we know he gave us a lot of revolutionary ideas that we enjoy nowadays.
Thanks Steve!